Benoit Viellefon & His Orchestra are now back in the UK after a successful tour in the Balkans. They left behind the sun and Adriatic sea to come back to entertain you again this saturday at the excellent CANDLELIGHT CLUB for the themed party “A NIGHT IN CASABLANCA“.

There are only a few tickets left and this will be the last public event of the orchestra this summer. Hurry to book:

A NIGHT IN CASABLANCA (The famous Manhattan club)

El Morocco began as a speakeasy during Prohibition and was for decades the place for celebs to be seen. It was famous for its plaster palm trees and zebra-stripe decor. In homage to this seminal juke joint we bring you a party with a Moroccan twist, the scents, sights and tastes of North Africa, a glitter of mosaic, a whiff of the souk…
Firmly under French colonial rule, Casablanca in the 1920s experienced an economic boom. Perhaps you are drawn here by the chance of making your fortune, perhaps you have come here to forget, or perhaps you simply have a taste for the exotic.
But one way or another, come nightfall everyone finds their way to the Candlelight Club. There will be shisha (hookah) pipes in the palm-filled courtyard, where you can contemplatively puff on sweetly flavoured molasses tobacco, with an attentive attendant to help if you’ve never tried it before.
There will be a complimentary buffet plus a Moroccan street food stall. The cocktail list will to evoke the tastes and fragrances of the medina…

For your entertainment the club will also offer belly dancer Khalisha whose set culminates in a performance with a live snake!

 See to buy tickets. As ever the precise location of our central London venue is a secret, revealed to ticket holders a couple of days before the party… 

The door will be opened from 8pm.
Hope to see you there!

Benoit Viellefon

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