Being loved for being a gangster: Bugsy Malone

Benoit and his Orchestra performed a series of 39 shows at the Troxy for the latest Future Cinema super production: Bugsy Malone.

Gangsters, corrupted prohibition agents, newspapers boys, fake prostitutes, bees knees, a made up prohibition speakeasy hosted in an authentic 3500 seats 1930’s art deco theatre, and obviously the infamous splurge guns… That was the job! And the orchestra did a good job, playing every night in front a hot crowd of 1500, uncompromising, fully dressed up and ready to have a wild time.

The event was a live reconstitution of the cult movie “Bugsy Malone” by Alan Parker staring Jodie Foster. The orchestra had the privilage of having a full cast of 35 actors and dancers to perform with every night along with an army of technicians. It has been a great success and there might be more collaborations between Future Cinema and the Orchestra… we hope.

Please have a look at the videos, you’ll find infamous characters like Fat Sam (Ralph Baggart) and Talullah (Lili La Scala). The films were produced by Visuality Production.


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