Ladies and Gentlemen,

Benoit Viellefon & His Orchestra next album Swing a la mode is coming out imminently. Get a taste now on digital DAB radio Amazing Tunes before everybody else:

Benoit is also interviewed on French Radio London, another cool DAB radio (I’m afraid you’ll have to speak french to fiollow the story…)

For those that prefer to see the orchestra live because they know where the action really is, there are a couple of shows lined up in the coming weeks:

April 29 – Royal Wedding Street Party (London Soho)
May 7 –  Headline – Norfolk Norwich Festival NNF11 (Norwich)
May 11 – Volupté (Burlesque & Cabaret London)
May 13 – ROYAL ALBERT HALL – Ignite sessions (London Kensington)
May 14 – Candellight Club (Secret venue in London)
May 26 – Cat’s Back (London Putney)
May 29 – Nightjar (Old Street London)

All the details about the gigs will be on our website on

Hope to see you there!
Benoit Viellefon

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