Madonna’s Vintage 56th Birthday Party


Enough time has passed since our performance at Madonna’s glamorous 56th Birthday party in Cannes for us to talk about it – until now we had been sworn to secrecy! Surrounded by A-listers like Kate Moss and Bono we rocked the Villa and delivered a swinging set to the Queen of Pop herself – and we made sure to make it a party no one would ever forget!

In late June 2014 we received a phone call from an agency asking us to play at a party in the South of France. Little did we know who the client really was, and it wasn’t until after a rigorous auditioning process at the Metropolis Studio, Chiswick, that we discovered the exciting news. Madonna was planning a 1920s French themed party and required the assistance of a band that could deliver the finesse and nostalgia of that golden era. But it wasn’t just a performance she wanted… We were asked to participate in a musical production that the birthday girl was going to direct, and star in, herself; a Vaudevillian, all singing, all dancing spectacle for her guests!

Madonna Party 2Together with a cohort of dancers, an eloquent Master of Ceremonies, and Madonna herself, we were put through our paces arranging new music and constructing the show. Rehearsals and preparations started weeks in advance and culminated in an intense two days on the eve of the party. Featuring a tribute to Josephine Baker, the Nicolas Brothers and the Parisian street performers of the past, the production would set the scene for the rest of the evening. The party itself was truly a night of glitz and glamour and we were honoured to be a part of it! We even shared the stage with Madonna herself for the French
classic La Vie en Rose, among other tunes!



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