Prohibition in Ireland? Just try and stop them drinking!

Recently the world has been delving back into the music, style and culture of the 1920s, 30s and 40s, and Saturday 15th June saw the Irish city of Cork join in the fun. Benoit & His Orchestra delivered an evening of swinging jazz at the Cork Opera House’s club venue The Half Moon Theatre. Organised by local Crybaby Productions, their latest event ‘Midnight In Paris’, as part of their Prohibition series, was a sold-out evening of dancing, cocktails, burlesque, flapper girls, and most importantly swing! Joining headliners Benoit & His Orchestra in entertaining the jumping Irish were international electro-swing DJ kings Bart & Baker all the way from Paris, and burlesque star Vicky Butterfly. The night went off without a hitch, to rave reviews from the guests – even the management said it was the best edition yet! And we managed to keep the cocktails well hidden from the prohibition police! From moustache’d gentlemen and feathered ladies to pumping drums and screaming saxophone, The Half Moon Theatre was stomping all night and we can definitely say that Benoit & His Orchestra has sparked Ireland’s love of lindy-hop and the Swing Revival!

Check out more pictures from the event on tumblr here!

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