Review: Froots Nov/Dec 2012


Live at the Quecumbar.( Listen and buy CD )

Johnjohn Records JJR-CD-005( Limited 500 copies ).

Benoit Viellefon is a charismatic, witty Frenchman who owns a fine white jacket, a bow tie, and a guitar. His stroke of genius is to create an ‘orchestra’ to play music of the 1940s. In a recession-hit world this allows the audience to dress up, absorb some of the perceived glamour of the period, and have a great time. Benoit is also equipped with a light tenor voice, and occasionally adds a vocal refrain.

To those of a certain age this sounds like ‘trad jazz’ with accordeon. To a younger audience this is cheerful jazzy period music, noticeably free of angst. Whatever you call it, the audience at the Quecumbar love it.

Recorded with two microphones in front of the band, this CD captures the chatter of the audience, the looseness and the spontaneity of the performance, plus the fridge in the website for details.

Jon Moore.

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