Vintage Knees Up In Antwerp

At the beginning of October this year, the Orchestra and I headed over for a special one-off show in Antwerp for Radio Modern, Belgium’s top vintage party organisers. We were joined by our fantastic, go-to dance troupe, The Bees Knees who led an audience of 300 strong in an impromptu Lindy Hop dance class before the Orchestra took to the stage. We don’t often get the chance to travel around Europe but when we do it’s a wonderful feeling finding a new audience that really appreciates what we do and that helps us bring the house down!

Benoit Viellefon & His Orchestra Live in Antwerpen Belgium 2016

Starting off with our most Lindy Hop and dancer orientated tunes, the audience members were able to put the dance steps they’d just picked up in The Bees Knees class into action. Soon though we were stepping up the dynamic gears and by the end of the set we were pulling out our liveliest tunes!

We had a great time playing for Antwerp’s dancing and Vintage-loving audience and we hope to head back out to Belgium again for another instalment of Radio Modern. These audiences, especially the Lindy Hop aficionados, are what keeps this music and culture alive. There are many people working very hard to keep this spirit alive and if it wasn’t for them and all of the amazing people we meet on our trips it wouldn’t be possible – so here’s to you!

Benoit Viellefon & His Orchestra Live in Antwerpen Belgium 2016

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